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Vernon Wray's studio WRAY'S SHACK 3 TRACKS is a legendary place. Link's "comeback" album, the self-titled LINK WRAY was recorded there, along with his albums BEANS AND FATBACK and MORDICAI JONES. Many other DC and Maryland area musicians recorded sides there as well.

When Link and Vernon decided to "mellow out" and move to Tucson, Vernon lopped off the back wall of The Shack and took it with them.

In Arizona, he re-constructed his new studio around the original wall. He also upgraded to 8 track recording, and re-dubbed the studio WRAY'S SHACK 3 TRACKS (+5), as seen in the line art drawing by Link’s brother-in-law Rick Cole on Vernon's WASTED album.
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Vernon's WASTED and SUPERSTAR AT MY HOUSE were recorded at the new Shack, as well as albums from ROCKY PAT AND BEN, and MIKE FIEMS. All are sought after collector's items today.

The original WRAY'S SHACK 3 TRACKS in Accokeek? It's still stands watch at the old Vernon Wray family home, minus the recording room that was located at the back of the building.

But what about WRAY'S SHACK 3 TRACKS (+5) in Tucson? After Vernon passed away in 1979, the answer was thought to be lost.
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After some interviews and research, I found the original address of the Tucson Shack. After all these years, could it still be there?

In April of 2014, my good buddy Deke Dickerson was touring the area and stopped by to check it out. You can see it pictures below - WRAY'S SHACK 3 TRACKS (+5) still stands, 42 years later!

No trace of the original Shack wall can be seen, but somewhere under that re-sided building may lurk the original WRAY'S SHACK 3 TRACKS painted wall that can be seen in Link's first Polydor LP.

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Vernon (right) with Rocky, Pat and Ben.

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Vernon (right) with Mike Fiems.

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